Boca Raton, FL (December 2009) – Q.E.P. Co., Inc. today unveiled a new visual identity for the Corporation. After thirty years of the QEP logo being used interchangeably as a brand logo and a corporate logo, the Company took a giant step forward in further defining the Company as a whole; the parent company to a worldwide family of subsidiaries and an international network of brands and products. This newly unveiled identity is part of the Company’s comprehensive, strategic effort to expand its global leadership position within the flooring installation products and accessories category, as well as structuring the company for growth into new markets and categories. “The scale and magnitude of this worldwide corporate rebranding effort is significant for our business.

It establishes an iconic brand identity that will represent our company on a corporate level,” said Jamie Clingan, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Q.E.P. Co., Inc. “We utilize many different brands throughout the world and many of these brands operate independently to maximize their market share; however the corporate identity refers to who we are as a whole, not just what we sell.”

With more than thirty brands available in over eighty countries worldwide, the Company’s share of the highly fragmented flooring installation products and accessories category has continued to expand over the past ten years with Q.E.P. Co., Inc. having more than doubled its overall business during that same period.

“The word brand is not synonymous with corporate identity, but rather with the identification of a product. Brand describes not what something IS but what name it is known for and how it is identified.

This new identity will not affect QEP “The Brand”, further stated Jamie Clingan. “The current diamond shape logo will remain as is on all packaging and anything brand-related. This will help establish a definitive separation from the brand of the QEP products and the identity of QEP corporate.”

This new corporate identity is the first in a series of important milestones in a business strategy that will continue to strengthen the Company’s position as the global leader in flooring installation products and accessories.

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