Boca Raton, FL – June 12, 2013 – Q.E.P. Co., Inc. has unveiled a new brand identity for its QEP-branded products. This new brand identity is the first time the brand logo has been modified since its inception in 1979.

In 2009 we unveiled a new identity for QEP the corporation. The QEP corporate logo represents QEP the company and all the brands and subsidiaries that operate under the large corporate structure, including the new QEP-branded products.

“As all great brands undergo transformation throughout their lifetime, it is now time to give a facelift to one of our most treasured assets” said Jamie Clingan, Sr. VP Marketing. After careful research and many months of work attached to it, a decision was made to retain the legacy of QEP by keeping the yellow and blue that has become synonymous with the QEP brand. We have modified the diamond shape and brought the overall look into the current time frame while enhancing the readability of our brand, QEP.

Part of the logo transition included a new look and feel for the QEP-branded products and the packaging they get wrapped up in. Clean designs, strong colors and simplifying the packaging to make it prominent at the retail level were all goals for this project. Smaller packaging cards and no plastic allows the customer to touch and feel prior to purchasing as well as offers a more environmentally friendly method of packaging.

Over the course of this redesign, we have worked closely with a team of contractors to receive a range of professional feedback to better assist us in implementing new products as well as improve the current ones. “In the course of this we recognize that comfort is much more than a soft handle, it’s one of the greatest aspects of a design’s effectiveness” said Jamie Clingan, Sr. VP Marketing. Comfort plays right into efficiency, reducing the time and effort needed to perform at the same level. Therefore, we have made improvements to select products focusing mainly on the ergonomics of the handles.

Many of our newest products launched this year have already been packaged with this new look and will begin to be seen in the marketplace as early as this month. We will be going through a phase-out stage of old packaging to the new look, so you will see a mix of old and new QEP in store for a period of time.

“Currently our websites and social media platforms all reflect this change and going forward we are working with many of our various media outlets to ensure all updates of our logo and look is being perceived correctly through the industry and tradeshows” said Jamie Clingan, Sr. VP Marketing.

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