Q.E.P. Co., Inc. Reveals the New Face of Faus

Boca Raton, FL – February 24, 2016 – Q.E.P. Co., Inc. is delighted to announce the new Face of Faus! Faus has always been known for high-end laminate flooring and our new branding is designed to reflect the longstanding upgraded nature of our products.

The Faus brand has always represented quality and craftsmanship, innovative design, and excellent customer service.

The new Faus logo embodies the elegant and dramatic lifestyle of our brand and a new product lineup portrays our continuing commitment to this product category and to our loyal customers.

The revamped look is not all that is new for the Faus lineup, we are proud to introduce 17 new- unique –products, which creates a completely new product offering. This collection features dramatic and very realistic patterns in both stone/tile and wood visuals. Produced with no attached underlayment, this provides economic advantages in storage and shipping, while allowing the customer to select the best underlayment for their installation.

We invite you to explore the new collections on our new Faus website: http://www.fausfloor.com

The new website features improved navigation and functionality throughout, with enhanced photography and product details to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. The home page launches our new lifestyle video, following with a display of our eight collections. Each collection enlarges to feature a swatch and room scene image of our new products including detailed specifications. The Support section offers customers information for installation, maintenance and care, FAQ’s, and detailed information on our cutting edge technology! Want to know what’s happening? Check out our Faus News section or head over to one of our social media outlets displayed on our website!

We have made it easy to find a distributor in our Where to Buy section and if customers have any questions or comments, they can head over to the Contact Us section.

“Faus is more than flooring, it’s a complement to any lifestyle. By continuously striving to stay ahead of the curve on industry trends and technology, we are able to deliver elegant, high-end products at affordable prices and this new look, website included, reflects just that. Regardless of customer style, Faus undoubtedly provides a unique solution to enrich any space” said Renee Tester, Faus Marketing Manager.

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