Nupla leads the industry in new mandatory California Prop 65 notification

To our valued Nupla Customers,
Many of you are aware of the changed requirements for product labeling due in California beginning in the near future. This labeling is required under the California Prop 65 statutes as outlined in the link below.

Although the Prop 65 statute pertains to goods sold in California, neither we nor you can know the commercial chain that may eventually reach a California consumer. Thus all Nupla products using fiberglass handles will be marked in accordance with the statute.

Effective April 22, 2017, all fiberglass goods sent from Nupla against your Purchase Orders will contain the following mandatory warning sticker on the tool.

cancer warning

The Prop 65 statute covers a wide array of chemicals and these types of stickers will become commonplace as manufacturers meet the mandated label requirements.

Here is a link to the list of chemicals covered. This list is updated continuously with monthly additions.

The specific chemistry that we are required to notify end users of is the presence of styrene in our fiberglass handles. Styrene is a common element in commercial resins and epoxy. Its confirmation as harmful to humans is in debate, but it is listed on the required Prop 65 statute.

We are making this change on tools we produce under our brand and any sub-brands we may be producing on your behalf.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Nupla Sales Director.

Thanks and Regards.
Jon Kyn
VP Nupla Sales

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